Saturday, June 27, 2009

"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."
--E.E. Cummings

During IST (In-Service Training), the SBD stag made a mural on things which has kept us smiling these past six months. So until I write a real blog post, know that I have been well.

Things that make me smile:

-Running early morning before the sun comes out.
-Yoga-ing mid-afternoon when the sun it hot.
-Cactus fruit... wonderfully delicious, especially when they come free from neighbors!
-Progress on necklace-making!
-Short visits that turn into an overnight ordeal.
-Emails from home.
-Skype conversations that are not dropped!
-Lemon bars.
-Inviting the ladies over for dinner. Ilham spraying soda everywhere because we were laughing so hard.
-My orange linen pants.
-Finding colorful tile fragments.
-Watermelon. Watermelon. Watermelon.
-Cleaning the nedi only to eat snack afterwards.


lauren said...

I've so much enjoyed reading your blog! Thankyou....I've learned a great deal from you. I am applying to the Peace Corps after a 30 year career as an artist and a teacher. I have had handcrafts businesses, and am hoping that, if they take me, I will have a chance to interface with artisans.

Thanks for the inspiration, and your wonderful positive attitude and sense of adventure!

Lauren Raine

B said...

great list, Joy -- you're always such a burst of sunshine! Lovely cummings quote, too ... may well nick that for my own blog. Let's get together soon ... maybe Agadir this weekend???