Saturday, September 20, 2008

Better Late Than Never

By popular request, here are some long awaited photos! I'm pretty sure you can click on the photos to view them in a larger setting. Sorry I haven't been taking that many. I completely forgot about taking pictures while in Rabat. I guess that means I'll need another Rabat visit! Luckily I'm with many artist photographers. When I figure out how to make cute links to my blog...

This is one of my first glimpses of Morocco.

SBD-ers are incredibly blessed to be staying in an amazing hostel. Believe me, we're not "roughing it." We eat before we even feel hunger. The owner is incredibly sincere and patient. I like practicing my barely existent Darija. Most excitingly, each room features beautifully geometric patterns. AND we have plenty of space up on the roof. It's probably my favorite spot here. Morning meditation and yoga!

As I had mentioned, a group of SBD-ers went hiking about a week ago. And the hike mixed all things wonderful about my Peace Corps experience thus far. We were blessed with glorious weather, a nice workout, sheep/goat herders, men on donkeys and good conversation. Thank goodness I still get the enjoy the beauty of trees, a variety of shrubs, and cedar forests. All that makes me happy.

We wash laundry by hand, then use the solar dryer. It's wonderful. I love cleaning, that didn't change since coming to Morocco. And my clothes were dry in just a couple hours! Thanks, Mr. Sun.


Anne said...

Nice pictures! I am so happy to see them. Best wishes!

_K_ said...

joy! i love your blog! I miss you so much, but its great to be able to read and see what you are up to. The pictures are beautiful. Keep them coming!