Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 1 of Staging

Each Peace Corps training group meets for "staging" before leaving the States. Staging functions as a mini orientation for the three months of training and two years of service to come. For Morocco's Sept 2008 Small Business Developers (SBD) and Youth Developers (YD), staging takes place in Philadelphia. And I couldn't be more happy! It's close enough that some Maryland loves came to send me off. They even came into the hotel to check me in. When riding up the elevator, someone asked if we were all Peace Corps Trainees (PCT). Nope, just Joy. hahahaa. My friends are more than wonderful.

Peace Corps staff bombarded us with a wealth of information. From Peace Corps101 to safety and security, from hammering out anxieties and aspirations to defining success. It's a lot of information to digest. Before dinner, I needed to run and sort through all which has been thrown my way. I can only imagine how intense training will be. However, my fellow PCTs are incredible individuals. And I've only known them a couple hours! I'm excited to grow, learn and serve along with them.


Steve said...

Ahh so sorry I didn't come to send you off! I missed Jorge's call and missed him when I called back. I had a lot of fun Friday and I'm glad you did, too. Good luck out thurr and I look forward to hearing all about it!

Anne said...

I wish you all the best!