Monday, October 12, 2009

I am always doing that which I cannot do,
in order that I may learn how to do it.
--Pable Picasso

I've learned and fallen in love with crocheting. It works out nicely that my ladies' best selling products are crocheted bracelets. Here's a little about two of my completed projects:

Morocco is Mika (plastic) Mecca. Moroccans love their plastic bags. They bag and double bag everything. I had bought several ChicoBag's original reusable two years ago from GreenFestival. And I absolutely love it. I always bring it to souq. My vegetable and fruit seller both know I don't need a plastic bag. My favorite hanut owener now asks where is my reusable bag. Apparently my efforts weren't sufficient. After a year living here, I realized I still used a significant amount of mika.

Thankfully, plastic bags actually make good thread. I flattened each mika, cut it into strips and then threaded the cut pieces together to form one long thread. Now I have another reusable bag to bring with me as I run errands! Trash to treasure! This project got the ladies excited and talking about littering. Inchallah we can do a town clean-up project.

Morocco's economy runs on cash. And my little coin purse become tethered a year-in. I crocheted this coin purse, using the color-switching technique I learned from a stagmate.

Currently appreciating:
*Making alfredo sauce from the Peace Corps Cookbook. A new staple of mine!

*The sisterhood bond between the ladies at my nedi. Amina just had an eye operation. After the nedi, we all pitched in 10 dhs, went to wish her well and enjoy each other's company outside the Women's Center doors.

*The warmth of the sun around 10am. It's like a warm hug. And I'm happy to soak in some vitamin D. A new season is knocking on my doorstep.

*Our improved line of crocheted bracelets!! Accent beads can make all the difference. Just wait until our line of similar earrings come into full effect!

*Mushmina's visit. These two sisters are living my dream. And they fit in perfectly with the dynamic in this Women's Center! They came for a beading workshop. Below is a photo of Kate, Mushmina's designer, working with Ikram, an extremely creative girl and awesome English student! Find the crocheted bracelets from my ladies at Queen Anne Dispatch, Queen Anne, Seattle, WA. Whoo!

*Crocheted copper bracelets. Finally, all my raw material hunting, experimenting and crocheting has paid off. It's a higher-end bracelet (compared to the bracelets above) with a higher profit margin! I cannot wait until the ladies finish their stock of the thread bracelets and start on this.

*Seeing community members care so deeply about the Childcare Project. They've mustered together 48 percent community contribution! Talk about impressive.

*The restart of aerobics classes. This past week, over 13 women came! That's around last year's peek number. And we're happily moving and shaking to new beats. It's NOTHING compared to running on my own.

*Good vibes coming out from MarcheMaroc. The day of workshops and craft fair went incredibly well! Artisans gave such great feedback. We saw them use their workshop lessons during the exhibition. Of the 30 artisan groups/individuals, they sold over 53,000 dhs worth of products. Awesome. My ladies backed out. I showed them photos and talked through what heppenned. They really regretted their decision. On the flip side, they know the importance of stock. AND they promised me they could attend an up-coming exhibition in Rabat if chosen. Awesome.

*The last thread from umd2008 listserve and our countless memories not included. Glory days. It came at the perfect time, after a frustrating week. You guys have no idea how much I wish I could be at homecoming.

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Emily said...

Is the bag hanging from your sun wall hanging made from plastic bags??? It looks amazing! All the products look great and like an improvement from when you started with the ladies. I'm so proud of you! Miss you sis!