Monday, October 19, 2009

The world was once made of gold.
--Cuna Mythology

I'm nearing year two and time is running away from me. Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings I lead aerobics. On average, nine have been coming! That was last year's peek number. I also teach English classes three times a week. And by popular demand, I will start English tutoring next month. The ladies are on a schedule to finish an export order, stock, start three new products by l'aid kbir. I've scheduled training of the trainer workshops, workshops and product critics with the ladies. I'm in conversation with Programing staff about the Childcare Project. Add regular house visits and errands... I'm a happily busy lady! Awesome. Stop.

That's why yesterday I wanted to catch my breath. Stop. For whatever reason, I needed to hide. But around three o'clock, knock knock knock on my doors. Some neighborhood girls want to play. They want to color. They want to try learn new exercise moves. We spent hours in my house coloring and playing. We then spent the evening in their nearby field. This just reminds me of everything I can't leave behind. Not yet. I still have time to enjoy all this. Stop. Breathe.

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