Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cheers to the Overachievers

And everyone of my staagmates is exactly that. For two years, I've seen them redefine success and achievement in their own way. This makes superlatives a bit challenging. Once esteemed compliments including "Most likely to be mistaken as a Derijia speaker over the phone", "Most beloved by her community", and "Best dressed in souq fashion" suddenly becomes simply not good enough. You realize that equally strong arguments could be made for countless others. Or you discover that it represents an unfair standard by which to judge people.

In the overachiever fashion, SBD 08-10 has been PACA-ed. And we've uncovered something similar to what your Mama should have told you from day one, "You're special."

**Ink sketch by Lisa Payne


thenomidian said...

hello, joy . how are you ? fine ? i hope so . we miss you . i wish you re fine now . all the best from morocco . brahim ait ourir.

Anonymous said...

nice picture , I remember this beautiful painting , you showed it to me when you 'd leave . The last thing I saw from you .best wishes .brahim.