Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank-you Peace Corps, Thank-you Morocco

I'm now back in home America. I've left Morocco and dear friends who've become family. I'm blessed to have spent two years (or two days) learning, sharing and growing alongside them. I'm humbled by what they have meant and will mean in the years to come. My heart is full.

Photos that capture what these two years meant for my personal growth:

**Looking out the Auberge window, wondering what is in store for me these next two years.
**Confused and overwhelmed at the communication challenges.

**Me in my village.

**Taking time to stop and smell the roses.

**Upside down and bent over backwards.
Being stretched, twisted and re-centered is very indicative of my Peace Corps experience.

**Home and spending time with my mom.
This is us making dumplings, my favorite food.


faye cassell said...

ah dumplings! i can't wait to get back home and do the same with my own mom! thanks for being a great region-mate, joy! maybe in the future our paths will cross again, inchallah!

Lisa said...

It is good to see you are making some delicious-looking food back there :) Missing you!

Joy said...

faye- it was great being your region-mate! and i do hope our paths will cross and criss-cross, inchallah.

lisa- i can only try. hope everything is going well in morocco.